A recent study describes Hillary Clinton as a Volvo wagon: “Solid, reliable and there to get the job done.”


What kind of car best characterizes Canada’s political leaders? If the population were polled today would our Prime Minister be an Avenger? The leader of the opposition a Rabbit? Would a Windstar apply at the NDP and a crossover Rendezvous work for the Bloc’s big cheese?


No one has asked us yet, but the same can’t be said south of the border as the U.S. gears up for the 2008 presidential elections.

Are Americans looking to park a Ford pickup in the White House or invest in a Viper four a four-year term?

A Presidential Brands 2008 study by Chernoff Newman/Market Search characterizes each candidate as an automobile. Taking familiarity, reputation, personality, performance and “connectivity” with people to determine a candidate’s brand image — much as it would with other consumer goods — the study compared front-runner Hillary Clinton as a Volvo wagon. Clinton was deemed “solid, reliable and there to get the job done, not make you fall in love.”

Her main rival Barack Obama came across as a “sporty, flashy and fun” BMW Z4 convertible while John Edwards is considered a Toyota Prius — “comfortable headroom and good for the world.”

Shifting to the Republican runners, former New York mayor Rudy Giuliani would be a Toyota RAV4 while John McCain is viewed as a Ford pickup.

For full details of the study visit www.presidentialbrands2008.com