Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump are hoping to show their best faces in the race for the White House, but artist Klaus Enrique has other ideas.

The Mexican-German creative, who is based in New York, created these sculptures of the Democrat and Republican candidates in the style of painter Giuseppe Arcimboldo, using flowers and chicken meat.

Why did you decide to create these portraits of the candidates?

I created them to make a stand against Donald Trump. As President Obama said: “Democracy is not a spectator sport.” I personally had to do something, and the one thing that I can do as an artist is to make art.

Why did you decide to represent the candidates in this way?


For Hillary I wanted to work with white materials to evoke a marble bust and make a reference to the historical significance of being the first woman to run for president. If you could reduce Trump’s campaign to just one word, it would be “fear.” To depict Trump as a bald, thin-chicken-skinned, scary clown seemed perfectly appropriate.

Who is your favorite candidate? and why?

I am supporting Hillary. If I am honest with myself, part of that support comes from a #NeverTrump perspective, but I also believe that she is incredibly qualified for the job. I think her concern for those who have not experienced the recovery of the last eight years is genuine. And unlike Trump, Hillary knows that the challenges that America faces today are complex and nuanced.

Could you explain your process and the materials you used for the portraits?

Iwork with real perishable materials. In the case of the Hillary portrait, I used white flowers, and for Trump I used mainly chicken skin and purple flowers. These materials are held in place by a clay bust, which I built in advance. Since the sculptures only last a few minutes, I photograph them to preserve the image. I call the whole process Arcimboldism, in homage to the 16thcentury artist.

-Daniel Casillas

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