Presidents Day: Our country's hottest commanders-in-chief

Hey girl, it's Presidents Day.

Hey girl, it's Presidents Day. In honor of this special occasion, the tumblir My Daguerreotype Boyfriend has done a round up of our country's most debonaire leaders.


The blog, described as "where early photography meets extreme hotness," offers a sexy look back at some all-American studs who went on to become Commander in Chief. We never before realized the oval office was home to such hottie heads of state! As a bonus, My Daguerreotype Boyfriend also includes a drool-worthy presidential relative.


Behold... keep these strapping men in mind as you enjoy a day off and a closed post office today.


A chiseled Teddy Roosevelt from his days on the Harvard crew team. Ow Oww!


Here we have a clean-shaven Rutherford B. Hayes in his early twenties. Bow-chicka-bow-wow!

Teddy Roosevelt should be known as Teddy Roosemelt-our-hearts.

Robert Todd Lincoln had more luck in the hotness department than his father, Abraham Lincoln.

A 16-year-old James Garfield could have graced the 1847 cover of Teen Beat!

William McKinley looking sexy in sepia.

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