We gave her a whip before saving her décor

Oops! We reckon you might be a little scandalised by this weeks Home Heist. But allow us to explain.


Cue Cathie, a 47-year-old Italian single who shares her suburban home with adorable parents Mama and Papa Boombaka. And blimey, does Mama B make a mean Lasagne! So nothing strange, so far. So where’s the scandal? Well, here goes. Our girl Cathie is a delightful creature (immaculately groomed and very attractive) but her home was of another dimension. Her bedroom looked like the lair of a 70’s porn star (all black plastic furniture, gold detailing and mirrors everywhere) and the family bathroom was SERIOUSLY Austin Powers courtesy of gold coloured shag (which went up the side of the bath, no less) and mustard sanitary wares. Groovy, Baby…NOT!


Anyway, as if the décor (pre C and J) wasn’t bad enough, it’s what we do with Cathie that’ll really surprise you. Sure, she was undeniably cute, but we decided it would be a good idea to have an image ‘re shuffle’ to draw parallels with her decorating sins. Working with the fact her bedroom looked like it had fallen from the set of ‘The Bitch’ we took Ms B to North Bound Leather (Canada’s leading authority on risqué attire) for a SERIOUS sartorial squeeze. OK, so that might sound bizarre but we simply wanted to demonstrate how out of step with the rest of her personality her sleep zone actually was. And our method? Simple! Dress her up as a leather clad, stocking wearing, whip brandishing dominatrix! Bizarrely, rather than see her revitalised image as thoroughly Triple X, a newly invigorated Cathie takes to the S&M fetish scene like a duck to water! To say that she — and we — have whippingly good fun is an understatement. Prepare to be, ahem, shocked!


Back at the ranch we banish all traces of Joan Collins from Cathie’s boudoir and create, instead, a girly paradise with blue and white striped walls and a host of hand painted furniture. And as for that Austin Powers bathroom? Gone! In its place a toffee coloured marble paradise with double sinks and a built in TV. Glamour, darlings, to the power of ten and FAR more befitting of an elegant Italian Princess.

Our final project was the poo coloured family room which we kicked into touch by tearing down the barn board and creating a restful cream on cream paradise in which the Bookmaker’s can now chill perfectly. $70,000 dollars spent, our work was done!

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divine tips

  • ’70s porn star look no longer cutting it? Don’t live with the past — CHANGE IT! Our new look was achieved with a slick of paint, some inexpensive curtains and an accessory hunt in Homesense!

  • Marble DOESN’T have to be as expensive as you’d imagine. Play one quote against the next to chip away at prices. Yup, if you don’t ask you don’t get!

  • Don’t only look on the high street. We love a bargain so we furnished this week’s family room from designer surplus outlets and catalogue return stores!