Considering the number of times a swing is repeated during a game of golf, it is not surprising the season often ends early for those who are not prepared. In order to prevent injuries, your golf training program should include stretching, endurance, balance and speed. The following tips can also help to improve your golf score:

>> 1. When lifting your golf bag, bend your knees and lift using your legs and not your back.
>> 2. Stretch the muscles in your back, abdomen and shoulders before your game.
>> 3. Use clubs that are the correct length, so you do not have to bend or overextend your back.
>> 4. Wear soft spikes on your shoes for greater cushioning and shock absorption.
>> 5. Use a cart.
>> 6. Occasionally practice swinging in the opposite direction to balance the stress on the muscles in your back.
>> 7. Bend your knees and use a golf club for support when stooping to retrieve your ball.
>> 8. Always stretch to cool down after finishing a game.

If you experience pain during or following your game, be sure to contact a chiropractor immediately. Treatment of injuries is usually most effective during the acute stage. The longer an injury is allowed to linger, the more difficult and lengthy the healing process may be.

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