TORONTO - Gasoline prices have risen again and have surpassed the $1.20 a litre barrier in most major Canadian cities.

Liberal MP Dan McTeague accuses refiners of gouging consumers because market fundamentals do not support the rising prices. He terms the price increases "lemming-like speculation by investors."

Prices at the pump are averaging about $1.20 a litre in southern Ontario, including Toronto and Hamilton, but higher in northern Ontario cities.

The website also shows prices in the Montreal area and in Newfoundland hovering around $129.9 per litre.

The Halifax area was reporting prices in the $1.28 a litre range while some stations in the Winnipeg and Vancouver areas were displaying prices of about $1.26 a litre.

Calgary, Regina, Winnipeg and P.E.I also had prices above the $1.20 mark while Edmonton appeared to have the lowest price among major Canadian cities at about $118.9 cents a litre.