Chris Jai Centeno, 22

“This pride will be my eighth year. I first came to Pride when I was 15. This year I’m really excited to be part of Pride Toronto as a youth coordinator. What I enjoy about the weekend is getting all my friends together. That’s a lot of fun. I’m definitely marching in the parade. Seeing about a million people cheering for you is such a big high. I especially love getting blasted by the water guns along the parade. Love it. Love it. Love it. That’s what the parade is for. It’s about having fun with the people who are marching. I haven’t met any boyfriends, but I’ve met a couple good friends. It can be cruisy at times, and I've had my eye on certain people but nothing really materializes. Last Pride I remember waking up at eight in the morning and not going home ’til seven the next morning and basically it was all adrenalin, all rush and just having a blast.”

Waawaate Fobister, 21

“I consider myself two-spirited. Being honoured at Pride is something real special. This will be my third Pride. My first Pride was the first time I came out, and I actually went on a float for time first time too. It felt so good. Seeing the parade crowd was absolutely stunning and breath-taking. There was so many people cheering, it was crazy. I like hitting Buddies and hanging out on Church Street on the weekend. What’s especially exciting is spending time with my boyfriend. This will be our second Pride together.

Leonardo Zuniga, 23

“What I love about Pride is that it’s so much fun. You can express yourself and do whatever you want to do about your queer identity. For me it’s about being out there. I come from Mexico, and we don't have these kinds of big celebrations that allow you to be out there. Coming to my first Pride on Church last year I was so surprised that gay people were allowed to be more open. I’ve marched in the parade. The great thing about it is being able to dance and scream and take in the music. I’m planning to attend the parade again this year, but I’m also working, helping coordinate and making sure everything goes well with Support Our Youth. I this whole week off so I’m definitely going to party right up until Sunday. Also, this pride is going to be really special because I’m turning 24 on June 24.”

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