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Prince’s new album Planet Earth is now available in stores.


Album: Planet Earth

Label: Columbia Records/Sony BMG

Release Date: July 26

**** (out of 5)

World peace and finding love are themes explored by Prince on his latest, Planet Earth. The album kicks off with the message-heavy title track. Questions are asked about how we as citizens of Earth may be perceived 50 years from now, and whether we should be happy with the result. War rages, the earth is being destroyed, and we are to blame. The album takes a sharp turn, however. The Artist has set out to prove what he said months back in regards to the Timberlake hit Sexy Never Left. It would appear he took that hit as a personal affront, and has assembled an album mostly about how he wants to get wit u. To be honest, it works. Slow grooves and sick licks abound. Highlights include Guitar and Mr. Goodnight.

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