“We’re not gonna take it!”

Lyrics from Twisted Sisters’ hit song of the same name echoed through the streets around Province House yesterday as a couple of hundred corrections officers rallied, demanding safer working conditions.

Men, women and children carried signs painted with catchy slogans such as Keeping us safe keeps you safe.


They called for Justice Minister Cecil Clarke to equip their members — immediately — with batons, pepper spray or Tasers for inmate transfers and increase staffing at correctional facilities in the province.
The minister steered clear of the boisterous crew.

“I’ve already met with the president of the NSGEU and the worker reps for the various locals,” Clarke said.

An external audit of correctional services is underway, he said, and no changes will be made until the audit is complete — sometime in the next three months.

Jim Gosse, president of Local 480 of the NSGEU, said it was “most disappointing” the minister refused to show his face.

“I’m not surprised,” Gosse said. “We’ve seen very little action from this minister to date; it’s my belief that he’s looking after a portfolio that he’s very ill-prepared to handle at this time.”

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