Toronto could save almost $50 million a year if it contracted out all of its garbage collection and disposal, says a new study by the C.D. Howe Institute.

Canada’s largest city has the second highest garbage cost of nine centres studied. Currently, 20 per cent of the work is contracted, and 80 per cent performed by unionized civic workers.

It costs Toronto $127 per resident to deal with garbage each year, second only to Edmonton at $135.

Contracting out has been championed by Coun. Doug Holyday (Ward 3, Etobicoke Centre) but he has not persuaded the administration under Mayor David Miller.

Holyday, who was mayor of Etobicoke when collection was contracted out in 1995, wants to see a comprehensive study, which he suspects would show that contracting out would win the day.

Holyday said he would like to see more clarity on the issue from the mayoral candidates.
“Competition will give us the best price. That’s what’s lacking here, in garbage and so many other areas as well.”

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