Joyce Arthur, national co-ordinator of the Abortion Rights Coalition of Canada, says it’s ironic the Campus Pro-Life club at the University of Calgary is crying out that their basic human right for freedom of speech is being taken away, yet they want to take away a woman’s fundamental right to control her body.

The U of C Students’ Union made a decision Tuesday to de-sanction the club, taking away its club status and funding after trespassing charges were laid to the group. Members had refused a university request to turn graphic posters depicting genocide and unborn fetuses inward.

“The pro-choice view is more legitimate because it’s democratic,” Arthur said. “Their view is fundamentally anti-democratic and anti-human rights.”

Laree Pickup, director of Alberta Pro-Life, said it’s not fair the students were charged. Pickup said the students are very courageous and should be given accolades instead.

Dalmy Baez, president of the Students’ Union, said the fact that the club got de-sanctioned has nothing to do with their pro-life stance.

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