Despite having been issued an official written warning from the University of Calgary, eight members of the Campus Pro-Life group plan to continue presenting their controversial displays.

The university recently found members of Campus Pro-Life guilty of non-academic misconduct based on the group’s Genocide Awareness Project that was displayed at the U of C on April 8.

“I honestly don’t know why the university is doing what they’re doing,” said the group’s outgoing president Leah Hallman. “I wish I could give an answer to that because to me it doesn’t make sense.

“It doesn’t make sense that they would have told us that our right to be there was protected and then take that away from us.”

In a statement, the group called the warning “blatant content-based discrimination” and incoming president of the group Alanna Campbell said it plans to challenge the verdict.

Even with the chance of expulsion, Hallman said that all eight members are planning on returning to the U of C and will continue with the Genocide Awareness Project next year.

Both university administration and acting associate vice-provost Meghan Houghton were unable to comment.

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