Members of the Campus Pro-Life Club at the University of Calgary learned they will keep their club status after receiving a letter from the Students’ Union Review Board.

Alanna Campbell, president of the CPL, said it got a letter from their lawyer saying the students’ union was officially withdrawing the complaint.

“Basically, their decision means we can kind of pretend it never happened,” said Campbell.

However Lauren Webber, president of the Students’ Union, said she hadn’t been informed of anything yet.

“I had never been consulted about anything like that,” she said. “I just have to abide by whatever decision they make.”

Campbell said the Students’ Union was considering revoking its status as a club, and thus its access to student resources, but she thinks the union either changed its position or realized it didn’t have a case.

Since the CPL began displaying graphic images of aborted fetuses twice a year since 2006, they have been enveloped in controversy and a battle with both the Students’ Union and university administration.

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