A public inquiry into an 18-year legal odyssey that ultimately saw Robert Baltovich acquitted of murdering his girlfriend could elicit details of a crime still shrouded in mystery — including the possible role of sex killer Paul Bernardo, supporters of Baltovich said yesterday.
With calls for an inquiry gaining a sympathetic ear from Ontario’s premier and no plans to reopen the police investigation, those who worked to clear Baltovich’s name said the public should be demanding answers.
“I’m delighted for Rob and the fact that he’s now been cleared (but) I’m also somewhat angry that it's taken 18 years,” said private investigator Brian King.
King, who began looking into the case at the request of the Baltovich family in 1990, said he spent several “lonely years” trying to persuade others that Baltovich didn’t kill Elizabeth Bain.
“Something has to be done to see what went wrong with this,” he said.
Baltovich, 42, who spent eight years in jail for Bain’s 1990 murder, was acquitted minutes into his second trial Tuesday.
“When I hear this story and learn a little bit more about it, I think it affects all of us, and we ask ourselves, well, how did we go wrong?” Premier Dalton McGuinty said.

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