LOS ANGELES - A producer who has collaborated with Farrah Fawcett is suing over an upcoming documentary about her battle with cancer.

Craig Nevius filed a lawsuit in Santa Monica on Wednesday - the same day "Farrah's Story" was screened for friends and reporters.

His lawsuit states he is seeking to regain creative control over the documentary and unspecified damages against several of the project's key players.

The lawsuit does not name Fawcett as a defendant, nor seeks to block NBC's prime-time airing of "Farrah's Story," scheduled for Friday.

Instead, the suit claims Fawcett's former boyfriend, Ryan O'Neal, his business manager and longtime friend Alana Stewart interfered with his role in the documentary. He also claims O'Neal physically threatened him.

The documentary is a candid look at the former "Charlie's Angels" actress' battle with anal cancer, which has spread to her liver.

Paul Bloch, a publicist for Fawcett, O'Neal and Stewart, said the lawsuit would be hurtful to Fawcett if she found out about it.

"We are shocked by this type of behaviour," Bloch said. "Here's a woman who everyone knows has been ill and to do something like this is horrific. This has been a very difficult time for Ryan O'Neal.

"When you see something like this, you have to question the motives of someone who can be so hurtful during this very sensitive time in a person's life."

Nevius worked on the reality TV show called "Chasing Farrah."

In his lawsuit, Nevius states he had a contract to produce a documentary on the 62-year-old Fawcett's cancer treatment in accordance with Fawcett's wishes.

A hearing on the lawsuit, which was first reported by celebrity gossip site TMZ, has been scheduled for Aug. 31.

O'Neal and Stewart were among the star-studded audience that previewed "Farrah's Story" on Wednesday in Beverly Hills.