It’s a lockout, according to union officials. Except it’s a strike, according to management.

But the fact remains that 240 unionized employees at the Bedford Farmers Dairy plant in Bedford are picketing the facility.

Negotiations between the Communications, Energy, and Paperwork Union and Farmers broke down on Friday. The employees have been without a contract since October 2009.

Farmers spokeswoman Andrea Hickey said there will be no interruption in production as a result of the picket.

Return to table?

Negotiations broke down on Friday between the two sides at Bedford Farmers Dairy plant.

Workers: A union spokeswoman said she was pleased with the willingness of Farmers to negotiate on non-monetary issues, but cannot accept a “take it or leave it” monetary offer.

“On the non-monetary issues there’s been a fair amount of talking, but they have not negotiated the monetary offer,” said CEP regional rep Kim Power.

Management: Spokeswoman Andrea Hickey said Farmers would return to the bargaining table with the union.

“We’re committed to reaching a settlement that’s fair and reasonable for our employees but that also allows Farmers to remain competitive and commercially strong.”

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