Delivery techniques may have varied, but the splat and spray was always the same.
All nine University of Calgary professors who lined up to meet the pastry firing squad at yesterday’s Haskayne School of Business “Pie Your Prof” fundraiser for Ronald McDonald House, which raised $1,400, faced a different mode of delivery.
Accounting professor Anita Lakra, wearing a nappy red clown wig, nearly averted her date with a chocolate mousse-loaded tin as second-year accounting major Tim Young went in for the straight right smear when Lakra countered with a duck-and-cover maneuver, causing Young to pause before plastering the prof he hopes will now allow his grades to skyrocket.
But Lakra has other results in mind.
“I’m so popular, I fail so many students, they wanted revenge so I gave them the opportunity,” said the three-year pie veteran, noting their efforts may have been in vain with finals approaching. “Now, I’ll fail them all for sure.”
The money goes a long way towards maintaining the $12 per day stays at the house, said Ronald McDonald House’s Ashley Comeau.