Men in British Columbia seem more interested in looking after their cars than their bodies — at least that’s what recent life expectancy figures suggest — says a Vancouver doctor who specializes in men’s health.

Dr. Larry Goldenberg, founding director of Vancouver Prostate Centre at Vancouver General Hospital, said women in B.C. live an average of five years longer than men — in large part because of lifestyle choices.

That’s a statistic Goldenberg and the province are hoping to improve through a new men’s health program that was launched yesterday.

Goldenberg said men are more likely to die of heart attack, suicide, fatal car crashes, HIV/AIDS and liver disease caused by alcoholism.

They are less likely than women to visit the doctor or hospital.

The Men’s Health Initiative of B.C. aims to improve the longevity and quality of men’s lives through awareness, research and delivery.

“In this way men can potentially add 10 good quality years to the middle of their lives and help themselves grow older without growing old,” said Goldenberg.

Kevin Falcon, minister of health services, said there is much to learn from the women’s health movement.

“The idea of men’s health is another kind of lens through which health care delivery, education, research, prevention and awareness campaigns and public health policy may be viewed,” he said.

Free public forum

• A free public forum on men’s health is being held at 7 p.m. tonight at VGH main entrance. Call 604-875-4301 to reserve a seat. For more information visit

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