Colin and Justin’s Home Heist, Season 1, may be drawing to a ratings-busting triumphant close (with 25 of 26 glorious episodes already aired) but there’s still time to reveal one of Canada’s most perfect families. It’s mom, pop, a couple cute kids, gorgeous house, great jobs and a bright future ahead. Aye — accurate on every count — apart, that is, from the “gorgeous” house bit. Substitute rundown and dated abode and you’d be nearer to the truth. But, hey, you could feel the love.

Cue mom Hilary, a hard-working super parent, and her law-abiding hubby Bill, a Toronto-based cop. Together they go by the moniker of, ahem, “Bill and Hilary.” The presidential campaign with which they rule their roost (two teeny wee boys with personalities as big as mountains) is undeniable but their style “inability” forced even us to take the Fifth Amendment. OK — we lied; we shrieked to the neighbourhood. Clean? Yes. Safe? Yes. But even remotely of the moment? No, no, NO!

Truth of the matter is that the Wardles are the stuff of which Canuck family dreams are made. We couldn’t help but bond (and wring the C and J purse until there wasn’t a single cent left inside), which explains why our producers became apoplectic when we presented the numbers for the restructuring of this Torontonian White House. Yikes — we dropped the best part of $100,000 to be precise.


Short on floor space, we problem-solved by building the most awesome conservatory as well as a stunning living dining/space, which made the family’s eyes pop when we “revealed.” Our plan included floor to ceiling cabinetry, dramatic green, cream and brown striped wallpaper and timber flooring throughout.

Next up were the little guys. Combining our own stratospheric talent with the undeniable creativity of our gorgeous assistant Cheryl (who co-hosts Rooms That Rock, an HGTV show specializing in adding the glamour factor to kids spaces), we assembled one little nest that felt like junior Ralph Lauren (all dark wood timber and rich berry shades). The next room was the first’s decorating polar opposite — bright yellow and orange with funky modular furniture. You see we listened to two very different wee boys so we could create an entirely different — but relevant — room for each.

Anyhow, we’re glad to report the Wardles loved the colour we added to their previously “White House.” For now, though, we’ve gotta dash as our hunt for Canadian bad taste continues! Yup, another 26 — even bigger and better — episodes are currently being filmed. But don’t panic — we’ll see you right here, next week, with news of The Home Show (our latest HGTV project), which, this time, is all about retail therapy! So hold tight … we’re going shopping!

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