Professionals who are trying to land a job may want to pursue project work.

According to specialized staffing service Robert Half International, companies that are unable to add full-time employees during periods of economic uncertainty often bring in professionals on a temporary basis, which can translate into opportunities for those who are looking to earn income, make new contacts and enhance their marketability during an extended job search.

“In the current environment, it can be challenging for businesses to predict their long-term staffing needs,” said Max Messmer, chairman and CEO of Robert Half International. “Using project or temporary professionals for high-priority initiatives allows companies to maintain productivity without committing to full-time hires until they are certain those positions are sustainable.”

Messmer noted that while many people associate temporary work with the administrative profession, opportunities are available in a variety of specialized fields. “Companies need highly skilled professionals for a wide range of projects that require differing levels of industry expertise and experience,” he said.

“When looking for opportunities, it can be beneficial for job seekers to work with a staffing firm that specializes in their field.”