Sir Paul's dust barely had time to settle before the Halifax Common was being prepped for the city's second big name act in one week - KISS.

The main stage and some bleachers will remain on the Common, as well as some of the promotional tents, Greg Cox of Power Promotional Events said yesterday. McCartney's massive screens have been taken to New York, and crew members have already begun customizing the Common for Gene, Paul, Tommy and Eric.

Cox promises a much louder and more "spectacular" show than this past Saturday's production.
KISS crews will arrive tomorrow and Thursday to begin the creation of the rock band's demanding pyrotechnics and light show.


It is not yet known when sound check will take place.

Cox also didn't know when the quartet would be arriving, but added, "I'm sure Halifax will be aware when Gene Simmons is in town."

The Common experienced little damage from the McCartney concert and Cox added promoters are doing everything in their power to preserve the grass by putting down private roads and fencing off the beer garden to minimize garbage.

"With hundreds of thousands of people passing through the Commons this week, it's truly making the Commons...common," Cox said.

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