David, 47, and Mable, 42



Together since:?


Their story:

It was July 2002, and I (Mable) had just requested a leave of absence from work to travel to India and Southeast Asia for six months.

Just for fun, I signed up with Lavalife and started casually dating before I left.

None of the guys seemed right for me until I met David. Three weeks before my September departure date, I had practically moved into David’s place.

D-Day was approaching, and we had to decide what to do about our relationship. I told David it was OK for him to move on with his life; he didn’t have to wait for me. Instead, he decided to join me for six weeks around Christmas.

It was very sad when it came time for me to leave, but I knew I would see him in less than four months.

When he joined me over the holidays, we were both amazed at how well we travelled together.

Backpacking in Asia can be very challenging, and he did extremely well considering he had never travelled overseas before.

When it came time for him to leave, we were both in tears again, but we knew we’d see each other in six weeks. The trip had gone so well, we knew we’d be together for good. It was the longest month and a half of my life, and my enthusiasm for travel just wasn’t the same without him. When I returned home in late February 2003, we went back to living together. David proposed a few months later, and we were married in September that year. We now have a very bright four-year-old, Charlotte, who keeps us laughing and on our toes.

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