The British Chippy
2335 162nd Ave. S.W., Calgary
(403) 256-1156

Signature Drink: Irn-bru
Signature Dish: Cod & chips
Rating: ***
Dinner & drinks for 2: $28

Business has been non-stop at the British Chippy since it opened a mere month ago, packed with Calgarians and expats clamouring for authentic fish and chips ($11.99).

On that, the Chippy delivers. Hand-cut, six-ounce cod or haddock fillets are battered with a family recipe for a satisfying crunch without overwhelming the fish. Chips are cut thick from local organic potatoes, and double-fried to achieve maximum crispy, hot, goldenness.

Mushy peas ($2.50) need salt but don’t taste pre-packaged at least. Curry sauce ($1.95) is thick and savoury. Tartar sauce comes in Kraft packets.

The Chippy is licensed, serving Boddingtons and Guinness, as well as various neon-coloured British sodas.

To ensure a proper review, I brought along a proper Brit (who had a bottle of malt vinegar in her purse just in case).

She was delighted at the actual chips (“not fries!”) and approved of the not-too-greasy cod.

However, the process of getting served was deemed “a bit rubbish.”

Signs warn of waits up to 55 minutes but nothing directs customers on how to dine in (seat yourself and you’ll eventually be served at your table); order takeout (proceed to cashier); or pick up meals they’ve phoned ahead for (loiter around until your name is called).