While Edmontonians may be all too familiar with the municipal election process, the new ward system may throw a few voters off this time around. The previous six-ward, two-councillor system will make way for a 12-ward system on Oct. 18 when citizens have their say at the ballot box.

Current Ward 1 councillor and new Ward 1 hopeful Linda Sloan voted against the change when it came before council because she said she sees a real benefit to a team approach.

“It’s different and it’s going to be confusing for people in this election for two reasons,” Sloan said.

“One, the geographic changes from going from six wards to 12 and the other change being going from two councillors to one councillor.”

Sloan said despite her view on the change, there are positives about it as well. “A strength of going to a single council system is the autonomy it gives that person to define and act on behalf of the ward,” she said. “At the same time I felt in my experience there was a real benefit from the teamwork.”