Women in major cities across the country came out in full force Tuesday, calling on Republican leaders to disavow their party's presidential candidate in light of his many comments against women.

Hundreds of protesters brought clever signs and angry rhetoric against Donald Trump and his pussy-grabbing rhetoric. They gathered outside the Trump towers in midtown New York City and Chicago, and outside Trump's campaign office on South Street in Philadelphia in a "wave of feminist action...to make visible women's power to live full lives freefromfear of racial, economic and sexual assault," according to the organizing group'swebsite.

Demonstrators used the hashtag#GOPHandsOffMe on social media and on the signs they brandished outside the buildings bearing the candidate's name.

We out here ? #gophandsoffme #pussygrabsback


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My life is probably downhill from here but im cool with it #nevertrump #CUNT #pussygrabsbackchicago

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