Premier Ed Stelmach’s Capital Ex pancake breakfast attracted all kinds of different crowds yesterday, although some in attendance were not interested in the free pancakes.

A group of protesters dressed in pink, The Concerned Citizens of Thorhild County, tried to bring attention to a mega landfill that they say will pollute the groundwater which the area depends on.

“We want the premier to be aware,” said Betty Kolowosky, the vice-chair of the organization.

“It doesn’t appear that he is paying attention to the potential environmental disaster,” she added.

Office of the Premier spokesperson Mike Jenkinson said that there was no more security than usual and everything went smoothly, without any incidents such as the attempted pie attack by a woman at a breakfast in Calgary on July 9, 2007.

Apart from the protests, the actual breakfast was complemented with warm weather and music on stage.

“It’s a great event that we get to get out and meet all the people every year, and support all of our members and the staff,” said Lindsay Cooke, who is part of the government members’ legislative assembly.

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