A moment of silence was held yesterday outside a Newmarket shelter for the animals euthanized by the OSPCA as a result of a ringworm outbreak.

But amidst the tears and despair was plenty of anger and outrage.

More than 100 protesters, many dressed in black, called for the resignation of the board of directors and urged York Regional Police to lay criminal charges against the organization for causing unnecessary suffering, pain and death to the animals under its care.

“We beg you to charge the executives under the Criminal Code of Canada for the senseless slaughter of these beautiful animals,” Lesly Blank, a rally organizer and volunteer walker at the shelter, yelled through a megaphone at the police guarding the property on Woodbine Avenue.

“They killed those animals needlessly.”

Blank said the Ontario Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals didn’t follow protocols.

“They failed to exercise reasonable care or supervision of animals in their custody,” Blank told the gathering.

“If all of these animals had not been in their custody, then they would not have been exposed to ringworm infection that resulted in unnecessary pain, suffering and death.”