Nova Scotia’s volunteer search and rescue teams should soon be fully insured against personal liability issues while hunting for lost persons.


“We’re now working together, making sure that we have the best possible coverage for ground search and rescue (teams),” said Emergency Management Office minister Ramona Jennex, following a meeting held Wednesday with officials from Nova Scotia Ground Search and Rescue.


The meeting came about after Nova Scotia’s 24 volunteer search and rescue teams recently served notice of potentially pulling their services if the province did not offer to pay for liability insurance for their members.


The issue came to a head after a case in British Columbia resulted in a search and rescue team being sued after a woman died in a failed search. In Nova Scotia, some teams do fundraising to pay for their insurance, while some, such as the Colchester group, were not covered at all.

Jennex said she had already been working on the issue for some time but had yet to communicate those efforts to the search and rescue teams.

Although the minister must still seek treasury approval to fund the program, she expressed full confidence her request will be granted and the issue should be settled in about two weeks.