They descended upon Queen’s Park in Bugaboo Frogs and Baby Bjorns and carried sippy cups instead of protest signs.

But even though they’re not old enough to vote — or, in many cases, walk or talk — their stroller-pushing parents certainly are and they had a clear message for Premier Dalton McGuinty’s Liberals:

Electrify the Union Station-to-Georgetown rail corridor instead of investing in smog-spewing new diesel trains. Metrolinx will complete an electrification study early next year.

Transportation Minister Jim Bradley said while diesels are “an option” for Metrolinx, that train has yet to leave the station.

“Nobody has made that final determination,” Bradley said, emphasizing he was “really happy” Metrolinx is taking a serious look at electrifying the line. “They are looking very, very carefully at electrification and they want to ... get it right.”