The province is investing $4.25 million in green transportation such as hybrid trucks and fuel-efficient buses.

Bill Estabrooks, the minister responsible for Conserve Nova Scotia, said yesterday morning at a funding announcement at Stock Transportation in Burnside that $1.35 million would equip school buses with fuel-efficient technology such as heaters and timers, tour optimizing software, and emission control technology.

Estabrooks said an additional $1 million would also be invested in anti-idling devices, aerodynamic improvements and fuel-efficient tires, among other fuel-reducing technologies for heavy-duty class eight trucks.


Another $1 million will purchase heavy duty hybrid vehicles including bucket trucks and other fleet vehicles, some of which can use up to 60 per cent less diesel than traditional trucks, said Estabrooks.

He said $150,000 would fund a public education and awareness campaign promoting fuel-efficient personal vehicles.

The remaining $750,000 will expand an existing program that helps ice rink facilities install energy and cost-saving lighting, heat recovery systems, and other energy efficient improvements.

“Our rinks are the cornerstones of our community,” Estabrooks said. “Many of these facilities are more than 40 years old … and use a lot of energy.”

The investment will come from the ecoNova Scotia Clean Air and Climate Change fund, which is supported by a $42.5-million federal grant for projects that reduce air emissions.

The province is claiming there are 67 announced projects working towards the 2020 goal to reduce greenhouse gas emissions to at least 10 per cent below Nova Scotia’s 1990 levels.

“These projects will help create a cleaner, greener tomorrow for Nova Scotia families,” Estabrooks said before a backdrop of a school bus and two heavy-duty trucks. “They will also help build our green economy, making Nova Scotia a global leader, a place to invest, and a place to thrive.”

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