The province set about cutting some red tape today.

Changes are being proposed to the Motor Vehicle Act that would allow some temporary residents to continue using their home driver's licence beyond a 90-day stay in Nova Scotia.

The amendment is the result of requests from various groups such as military personnel, agricultural workers, and oil industry workers, to be exempted from having to get a Nova Scotia licence after 90 days.

Exemptions will be made on a case-by-case basis and would be recommended only if there are no adverse safety affects for road users.

Service Nova Scotia Minister Richard Hurlburt says this amendment would help address labour shortages where driving is a condition of employment.

"The change will allow temporary residents to overcome the barrier of having to be tested for a Nova Scotia driver's licence while working in the province," he said in a release.

For example, with seasonal agricultural workers, the Federation of Agriculture raised concerns over the length of time to complete testing to get a Nova Scotia licence and the lack of Spanish interpreters in rural Nova Scotia to help some workers with the testing.