Residents of the Herring Cove-Spryfield area are advised to take caution with the quality of their water, food and air as a result of the fire in the area.

Well water should be checked for cloudiness and unusual odors. Wells damaged during the fire need to be repaired, disinfected, tested and confirmed safe before consuming any of the water.

In the case of power outages, homeowners and businesses should follow specific guidelines for refrigerated or frozen foods: All perishable foods, including fresh or frozen, that have reached temperatures above 4C (40F) for more than two hours should be discarded. Food service establishments may re-open once power and water services have been restored and all refrigeration units are washed, rinsed and sanitized.

Air quality in the immediate area and the city of Halifax is in the moderate risk category, although air pollutant levels may vary in some areas. Conditions are expected to improve, however at-risk populations or those experiencing symptoms such as coughing or throat irritation should consider reducing strenuous outdoor activities.