There are a lot of people in Calgary this week looking to get some of your vacation dollars, and they're not all from Alberta.

"We have 100,000 lakes in the northern part of the province," says Janet Olsen of Tourism Saskatchewan. "I think Alberta has certainly been very aggressive for many years in tourist promotion, and very successful, but looking at the economic downturn now and seeing some of the things affecting Alberta's numbers, I think it's just a bonus for Saskatchewan."

Olsen is one of 300 tourism promoters at the Roundup Centre, pushing about 1,300 vacation and tour operators from all over the world to consider putting together summer packages.


Among the Alberta participants in the trade show is Heritage Park, which recently completed a $65-million expansion.

"It's kind of put a new mode to the park," says Deb Alsen, "because it's all about the transportation, and the vintage cars, and the gasoline pumps."

The tourism promotion, which features not only Saskatchewan and Alberta, but every other province and territory in Canada, runs through Wednesday of this week.