The pro-life group’s posters displaying graphic images of genocide and unborn fetuses make the University of Calgary an unfriendly, tense place to be, according to some students.


Despite trespassing charges for refusing to turn the posters inward and the removal of their club status by the U of C Student’s Union last fall, Campus Pro-Life put up their posters again Wednesday and intend to do it again Thursday.


“They could be going about this in a better way,” said history major David Wimbush, who signed a petition against the posters.


“Abortion is bad but they display images of historical events like genocide that are offensive. I think it’s more harassment than an expression of their views. I’ve seen people having fights – campus is pretty tense right now.”


Political science student Paula Russel said the posters are negatively affecting the mental health of the university community and it’s no longer a safe environment.

Chandler Kerr, a member of the pro-life group, disagrees with students like Wimbush and Russel and says his message isn’t one of hate.

“People don’t like our message, but they need to hear it,” he said. “I believe the university has caved in to their complaints but we have a right to be here.”