With the ESP Psychic Expo coming to Lansdowne Park this past weekend, one couldn’t help wondering whether the seers could divine the fate of Lansdowne itself.

The show’s 55 booths offered one-stop spiritual shopping, from Tarot cards to palm and hair readings, to jewelry, crafts and books on assorted supernatural topics.

Show organizer Laura Lloyd, the self-described “lady who pays the bills” for this and up to 30 other shows a year across Canada, relocated the ESP Psychic Expo to Lansdowne this year from the Ottawa Congress Centre, which is currently in the process of being demolished and replaced.

She said she was happy enough with the size of the crowds at the new venue, with one caveat: “The people are nice and the attendance is good, people are browsing and buying from the merchandise booths, but they are not getting the readings.”

Prices for psychic readings average $50-$80, Lloyd said, and are the most important moneymaker for the show.

Montreal psychic Micheline Landry-Robillard’s booth featured the irresistible offer of “One Free Question.” Metro asked about the future of Lansdowne Park, the subject of much debate at city hall. Landry, upon reading the Tarot cards (The Hermit, the Hierophant, the Han-ged Man and the World), said Lansdowne’s fate rested on two mysterious figures: a woman and a man.

“It’s going to take a lot of courage, but there will be a lot of energy coming to this place,” she predicted. “You’re going to hear about it a little sooner than you think.”

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