Since 2008 went out to the sounds of sputtering economic engines, you can forgive Nova Scotians for being hesitant about starting a brand-new year for 2009. Fear not: A Halifax psychic says good news is in our tarot cards.

“Next year is going to be a lot about balancing,” Kelliena says from her nook at the back of Little Mysteries. The fiscal meltdown won’t be as bad as we fear, she says, though universities could take a hit to funding in January.

February shows the Four of Pentacles protecting her money, but it may be a blessing in disguise. “It may be wise for people to save their money,” the one-named psychic advises.


In March, the Prince of Pentacles strides onto the scene.

“This could be a new leader,” Kelliena says, gazing pensively at the card. She sees our new political prince starting to rise in 2009 and (look away, Rodney MacDonald) he could be the next premier by 2010.

After a hot and stormy summer, we’ll all be breaking out our guitars and crooning lyrical ballads to our beloveds under balconies come the fall.

“The two swans are soulmates,” she says of September’s card, “there may be romance in the air.”

In December, we’ll pick up our guitars and lyrical ballads again, this time to honour Barack Obama.

“Nova Scotia’s on the map, for some reason,” she says, straining to see more. “It’s a world leader … it could be the U.S. president.”