Blunt-talking Rob Ford is being sued for $6 million by the owner of the infamous Boardwalk Pub.

Last month, George Foulidis gave the mayoral front-runner an ultimatum: Apologize for suggesting he bribed city officials in exchange for a lucrative vending contract in the Beaches or face a libel lawsuit.

Ford’s campaign team told reporters the candidate had no intention of backing away from earlier comments.

The candidate was formally served yesterday. Ford did not respond to a request for comment.

The 11-page lawsuit accuses the crusading Etobicoke councillor of exploiting the Foulidis family for political gain.

“Mr. Ford knows that there is no evidence of wrongdoing by Mr. Foulidis,” the claim alleges.
“He has done (this) solely for political gain and has sacrificed the reputation of Mr. Foulidis in the process.”

None of the allegations have been proven in court.

According to the claim, in a July 29 interview with CFRB, Ford was asked, “Is someone getting money under the table?”

Ford replied: “I truly believe they are and that’s my personal opinion, and when I see all these donations, going through campaigns, it stinks to high heaven, we tried to re-open it, and they wouldn’t re-open it.”

Mayor David Miller was quick to call the comments “irresponsible” and “reckless,” but Foulidis is the first to legally challenge Ford’s assertion that city hall is rife with corruption.

In 2006, city council controversially voted to extend the lease of the Boardwalk Pub for 20 years without putting it up for tender, against the recommendation of city staff.

The issue resurfaced earlier this year when council was asked to vote on the specifics of the final contract.

Ford has used the sole-sourced deal on the campaign trail as exhibit A of the wasteful spending at city hall.

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