Imperial Pub and Library

54 Dundas St. E.


Ambience: The name might sound somewhat academic, but about the only thing you’ll learn here is that staying in school pays off —looking at the clientele proves the point. The Imperial Pub (the Library is the bar upstairs) has long been a Ryerson hangout due to is close proximity to Toronto's favourite polytechnical university. The beer's also reasonably priced and the no frill environment, to put it kindly, is very forgiving to those who can't afford to add to their wardrobe.

Dress Code: Try to wear pants — feel free to take them off when inside.

Will I hate myself for spending time there when I’ve graduated and matured?: Probably, but university isn't about pride — it's about survival. And we NEED beer to survive.

Will I have to deal with stuck-up punks from U of T?: No, they'll be at the Brunny desperately trying to get laid, but striving equally hard to avoid an STD.

Will I get lucky?: Head upstairs to the Library on a Thursday or Friday night and you have a chance.