american apparel American Apparel mannequins have gone au naturel.
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Grooming your pubic hair at home can be a dangerous activity. Medical journal "Urology" collected data from patients who went to emergency rooms with pubic hair-related injuries. Researchers discovered that incidents have increased fivefold between 2002 and 2010.

The researchers estimated more than 11,000 injuries over those eight years, with an increase of 247 incidents each year. Women accounted for just over half of the patients at 56.7 percent. The mean age of the patients was about 31 years old and shaving razors were involved in 83 percent of the incidents. The most common injury was laceration, at 36.6 percent, and the most common place of injury was the "external female genitalia" at 36 percent.

The moral of the story? Leave it to the pros, or just leave it alone! That's what the American Apparel mannequins are doing, at least.

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