Investigation focus on access to bigger rental apartments

A Toronto public housing official has been fired and an investigation has been launched into allegations that staff responsible for a west end highrise are accepting money from tenants in exchange for bigger apartments.


“Toronto Community Housing is currently investigating allegations of fraud with respect to access to subsidized rental units,” Frank Clarke, a spokesperson for the city agency that houses about 164,000 tenants in 350 highrise and townhouse complexes, said yesterday.


“The investigation centres on the activities of two employees,” involved with one highrise building, he said, adding the housing corporation “takes these allegations seriously.”


Both internal and external investigators are on the case and police have been notified, he said.


A police spokesperson said the investigation was “ongoing.”

Tenant Lillian Thistle, 70, who raised a granddaughter in the Woolner Avenue building, said she knows of a single mother with one child living in a three-bedroom apartment while couples with several children are forced to squeeze into units with just one bedroom.

Waiting list

  • 75,000 households are waiting for subsidized housing.