The developer of the proposed downtown convention centre will hold a variety of public consultations, weeks after the province announced its support for the project.

Infrastructure Renewal Minister Bill Estabrooks announced Thursday that Joe Ramia, the head of Rank Inc., will accept public feedback on the design of the centre.

Estabrooks said the consultations are part of an attempt to be transparent.

“Part of the (request for proposals) ... (was) we wanted to make very clear that it’s very important that (Ramia) is available and his company is available,” he said.

“Lots of consultation, let’s continue it, let’s be transparent, let’s be open.”

What form those consultations take is up to Ramia — though the province indicated that open houses, a website and online comment forum, presentations to the community, and a toll-free number will be employed to gather feedback.

Premier Darrell Dexter announced his government’s support for the project last month. But Estabrooks said holding public consultations after that decision is not putting the “cart before the horse.”

Estabrooks also said he is confident Ramia will take the consultations seriously, but acknowledged the public will not have the final say.

“Mr. Ramia is going to give the opportunity for the public ... (to tell him) what they think of the design.”