J. Rios, Pimentel Photography


Saul Colt of Zipcar takes a whack at high gas prices — in the form of an old gas-guzzling car — at the company’s recent launch event.

Once the creative genius behind a series of comic books, Saul Colt realized his passion for talking to and creating happy endings for live characters needed satisfying.

Now, on any given day you’ll find an energized Colt on the city streets preaching the benefits of car sharing as the local operator and marketing manager of Zipcar, a company that provides car sharing.

“I have the greatest job in the city. Every day is different. Introducing more and more people to car sharing ... makes for very interesting conversations because people realize they actually have a choice,” says Colt.

Before joining Zipcar, Colt was a publisher of SSS Comics.

He says he enjoys writing and has always entertained creating films. Not having the budget required to bring his films to fruition though, he decided to create “paper films” through his adventurous comic book superheros.

“All the [SSS] stories were Toronto based and therefore really connected me with the communities I’d later serve in my work with Zipcar,” says Colt.

For Colt, SSS Comics was the beginning of his creative journey, but he always knew he wanted his work to have a larger impact on the communities and people he had thrived on writing about. So when Zipcar crossed his path he jumped at the opportunity.

As the operator of the Toronto division, Colt taps back into his superhero fancies to drum up interesting and creative ways to promote Zipcar to a growing population of both 20 something urbanities looking for alternatives to private car ownership and seasoned professionals seeking readily available access to a second vehicle for business trips and the like.

“I recently took over 50 Zipcar members to the movies just to say thank you,” says Colt.

Within minutes or up to a year in advance of the reservation date those interested in joining Zipcar can do so online or by phone for prices ranging from $9.50 an hour to $70 a day per vehicle depending on the needs of the client.

“Working with Zipcar allowed me to jump from writing about superheros to actually becoming one,” smiles Colt. “I can’t fly or leap tall buildings in a single bound, but if I can make a difference in Toronto’s traffic problems and provide a relevant service for Torontonians, then a few people might think I’m super.”

For more on Zipcar visit www.zipcar.com.