Co-host enjoys constant contact with her audience



Dina Pugliese, co-host of Breakfast Television, has always been a people person.


Dina Pugliese says she has the best job in the world.


"I love what I do. When you’ve got a passion for what you do your day, regardless of the number of hours you’ve got to put in, flies by," she says.

Even the early morning work hours don’t seem to bother her.

Pugliese, who has a certificate in broadcast journalism from Humber College and a double major in Sociology and Mass Communications from York University, recently became the co-host of Breakfast Television, alongside Kevin Frankish.

For Pugliese, who has always been a people person, her new role suits her just fine.

"I’ve got the gift of gab," she says. "(Growing up) if we were at a restaurant, I’d be the one talking to the waiter. People are just so fascinating."

For Pugliese, her success has been a combination of preparation, seeking out opportunities to hone her skills and, of course, the luck of being in the right place at the right time. "I worked, interned behind the scenes fetching library tapes, doing entertainment research — far away from the glamour of my work today — simply learning the ropes. It’s important to know how this media machine works from behind the scenes because no one stays in the limelight forever and you always want to keep your options open," she says.

Pugliese has had her eyes on big success ever since she started her career at Global Television’s The Bynon Show. After working there behind the camera in research and production, she took her career to the next level in 2003 with a move to the now defunct Toronto 1 as entertainment anchor on their morning show.

Shortly after she moved to primetime as host of The A-List. Then two years ago Pugliese joined Star! Daily which she continues to co-host. Pugliese also scored a Gemini nomination last year for her work as host of VJ Search: The Series.

Recently, inspired by a long-time Breakfast Television viewer and on-air guest, Pugliese developed the Meet The BT Viewer segment as a way to connect the community with the morning show.

"I was so moved by our viewer Elsie and her love of BT. In this job I really get a chance to be in constant contact, caring for and relating with our viewers. We hope to make them laugh and learn something new in easily digestible bits," says Pugliese. "I’m way more ham than glam and that’s what I love about BT. I get to do me."