Politician warns against support of government



Malalai Joya, Afghan politician


Canada must pull its troops out of Afghanistan and no longer support a government full of "warlords, drug lords and criminals" if it wants to aid in rebuilding the stricken nation and avoid another 9/11, says a controversial Afghan politician.

"(Canada) must act independently and not follow the policy of the United States," said Malalai Joya, 29, a firebrand currently on a nationwide speaking tour that brings her to Toronto tomorrow night.

Canadian soldiers fighting the Taliban are unwittingly promoting U.S. foreign policy, which is propping up a corrupt government, says Joya, who has garnered a legion of fans for her advocacy work on women’s rights. "This policy is a mockery of democracy and a mockery of the war on terror," the youngest member of the Afghan Parliament said from Vancouver.

Canada must lend moral and material support to "freedom-loving democratic parties" that can’t even afford to print party literature, she said.

history repeats?

  • Despite the likelihood that Afghanistan will collapse into civil war if foreign troops leave, she says their presence is making the country more unstable and will fuel "another Sept. 11."