Some commuters who filled up with gas at the Chevron at Georgia and Bidwell streets yesterday morning earned back a little bit of the fuel price.

Staff members from the Canadian Taxpayers Federation (CTF) were there telling customers how much they pay in gas tax — about 31 per cent of the pump price in Vancouver — and offering to pay that amount for them.

Maureen Bader, B.C. director with CTF, said the event marked the federation’s 10th annual Gas Tax Honesty Day campaign launch, ahead of the long weekend.

“On a $50 fill-up you’re paying $15.50 in tax,” she said. “(Customers) were shocked.

“We’re still paying (for) a deficit elimination tax, (when) the deficit has been gone for 10 years.”

John Williamson, federal director of CTF, said Ottawa will collect approximately $5 billion in gas taxes this year.

“The good news is Ottawa will spend … 37 per cent of its gas tax revenue on roads and highway infrastructure. This is a partial victory for motorists. To complete it, gas taxes need to be lower.”


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