Industry Minister Jim Prentice sought to calm an international uproar over hundreds of ducks killed at Alberta’s biggest oilsands plant by promising, at a U.S. oil industry event yesterday, that the incident will not go unpunished.

The deaths of 500 ducks last week on a Syncrude wastewater pond was unacceptable, Prentice said during an acceptance speech after Canada was named “Country of the Year” by Energy Magazine.

“We anticipate those responsible will face full scrutiny under Canadian law and, insofar as the government of Canada is concerned, there will be full accountability demanded,” Prentice said, according to notes of the speech delivered in Houston.


The federal and Alberta governments have called the incident “tragic” and launched investigations.
That’s done little to calm environmental groups, who say migratory birds are routinely killed in smaller numbers in tailings ponds, where toxic water from oil extraction sits.

Technology is the answer to avoiding more animal deaths and cutting greenhouse gas emissions, Prentice said.

“Once again, we need a full government and industry press on technological innovation,” he said. “I have every confidence we will be just as successful meeting the environmental challenge as we were the cost of oil sands production.”

Over the weekend, Syncrude took out full-page advertisements in newspapers across the country, apologizing for the deaths.

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