Hopeful parents-to-be of puppy mill-rescued pets waited patiently in line outside the Edmonton Humane Society Wednesday, four hours before the shelter opened its adoption centre doors.

Eight of 35 animals rescued from a puppy mill bust last week were cleared for adoption Wednesday, having been fixed, vaccinated, and determined socially adept.

“They’re being given a new chance at life,” EHS spokeswoman Shawna Randolph said.

The sought-after designer animals, ranging from chihuauas, poodles, Pomeranians, to Siamese cats, were rescued from “horrible” conditions, Randolph said.

Though a handful were prepared for adoption right away, many are suffering severe dental conditions, behavioural problems, and aren’t properly socialized. Costly surgeries are needed before many of the remaining animals can be put up for adoption, Randolph added.

The accused mill owner was believed to be selling the pets on the Internet.

“The reason we’re seeing so many of them in situations like this, is because people are supporting puppy mills by buying dogs online, in newspaper ads, and pet stores without doing their research.”

The adoptable pets can be viewed on the society’s website.

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