A family from Purcells Cove has donated a section of land in their community to the Nova Scotia Nature Trust.

The new conversation land “encompasses 20 hectares and overlooks Halifax’s beautiful Northwest Arm”, according to a NSNT release, adding “it supports important ecological communities, diverse wildlife habitat and undeveloped freshwater lakeshore.”

The property is located off Purcells Cove Road and was donated by the six siblings of the Napier family – Kenneth, John Jr. (by Corinne), Robert (by Agnes), Paul, Murray and Mary.


Dennis Grant of the nature trust is calling this donation of conservation land “a great victory” against the trend they’re seeing across the province -- especially in Halifax -- that subdivisions and large pieces of land are being made inaccessible to the public.

“The hope is certainly that we will continue to build on this success,” the release adds. “We urge all Nova Scotians to follow the Napiers’ forward-thinking example and consider the wisdom of conserving the lands that they cherish.”

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