A wave of cool fresh air engulfed me as I stepped from the plane in Inverness, Scotland. I was here with fellow adventurers Frank Wolf, Kevin Vallely and Greg Inkster for the Drambuie Pursuit, a two-day 160-kilometre Adventure Race in the hills of Scotland.

The Drambuie Challenge replicated Bonnie Prince Charlie’s escape through the Scottish Highlands from the British. As thanks to the Highland Clans he rewards them with his Mackinnon family secret tonic recipe, known today as Drambuie.

We were to follow these same hills 260 years later with rafts, mountain bikes, runners, powerboats, canoes and dune buggies. We began our quest at Eilean Donan Castle on the evening of May 1 with an epic Archery Challenge.

The next morning our team was paired with a professional Zap Cat powerboat driver for an insane rip around a tight water course at about 80 km/h pulling 3 Gs in the corners. We then traded our sea legs for an arduous uphill running course, rock ascent, repel and mountain bike section. It was here that our team excelled.

After a torturous day we arrived in second position at the River Ness for a fast canoeing section where we caught the lead team The Coladens. We passed them on the water and distanced ourselves even more on the final run up to Inverness Castle where thousands of spectators and a loud piping band greeted us at the finish. For more info check out drambuieden.ca.

Dave has travelled the world to challenge some of its toughest races. He has raced in over 400 events throughout his career, and hopes his passion will excite you to get involved in your own wild adventures. Visit www.noronalife.com for more info.

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