One of Canada’s top yogis who has worked with Olympic athletes for the 2010 Games is coming to the capital this week to share his knowledge with Ottawa residents.

Vancouver’s Eoin Finn —who has worked with Olympic athletes including Canadian female snowboarder Kimiko Zakreski, the U.S. ski team’s Shannon Bahrke and Canadian paralympian Andrea Holmes —will be giving classes at two yoga studios here.

Finn, who has a new instructional DVD hitting stores next month, filmed The Pursuit of Happy Hips with elite and Olympic athletes.

“There are a lot of things in yoga that benefit athletes — it helps your joints function and line up properly so you have efficient movements. That avoids wear and tear,” said Finn.

There are also benefits for the average person, he said.

The DVD focuses on helping office workers and people who sit many hours a day correct their posture.

“Another benefit is the peace of mind that you get from yoga,” said Finn. “You learn how to keep your body and mind centred. The ability to be calm is important to all of us.”

Finn is teaching at Mountain Goat Yoga on Friday and Santosha Yoga on Saturday.

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